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following the Suk affair, internal proceedings were opened against one of the perpetrators of racist remarks!


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This is the case that has shaken OM since Sunday evening! While Troyes claimed that his South Korean center forward Suk had been the victim of racist remarks from the Marseille bench, Marseille President Pablo Longoria conducted the internal investigation. And one of the perpetrators has reportedly been found. According to information from RMC Sport, the latter was received this Friday morning by the Spanish leader in his office. A procedure has been launched with the club’s human resources department. A sanction could intervene as early as next week.

For now, it is impossible to know who is at the origin of the discriminatory remarks made against Suk, who had been compared to a “sushi”. Always according to RMC Sport, however, it would not be a player. Following this, Pablo Longoria would have hammered everyone on the OM sidelines not to talk about the opposing players. The former recruiter of Juventus or Valencia will not let another failure pass!

In summary

The Troyes striker was the victim of discriminatory comments from the Marseille bench last Sunday. OM has found one of the perpetrators. The latter was received this Friday morning by Pablo Longoria and incurs a sanction.

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