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France team: Mbappé returns to the failure of the Euro


Author of the missed goal against Switzerland, the Parisian striker reveals to have suffered and thought a lot after the elimination of the Blues.

Kylian Mbappé had a difficult summer after the elimination of the France team in the knockout stages of the Euro against Switzerland, for which he bears part of the responsibility.

One of the difficult times in his career so far. “I still lost a Champions League final. There, it was an eighth, but it’s true, it’s a black point. The holidays helped me move on, because it it’s hard to start playing again right away after such an event “, he admitted in an interview with L’Equipe.

However, the return to the selection of Karim Benzema seemed to herald a happy future for the Blues. “I always said that great players were made to play together, he continues. In a club, I play with Messi and Neymar, and when Karim came back, I said to myself: ‘Great, that gives us one more weapon.’ Afterwards, it’s up to the coach to tell you what his return has engendered, but he did his job, he finished top scorer of our team. “

“The message I got was that my ego was making us lose”

But above all, the child of Bondy evoked the after, and his reflections to give following his career in selection. “I have always put the France team above everything and I will always put it above everything, he assures. I never wanted to be a problem. But from the moment I felt that I was supposedly starting to become a problem and people saw me as a problem … The most important thing is the France team, and if the team de France is happier without me, that’s how it is.

This is what I was made to feel and this is what I felt. The message I received was that my ego was making us lose, that I wanted to take up too much space, and that without me, therefore, we might have won. “

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Mbappé also returned to his exchange with Noël Le Graët, which the latter had made public. “I didn’t understand that. He wanted to meet me right after the Euro, I told him I was going on vacation, and we saw each other as soon as I came back. It was something. confidential thing, and when it came out, no, I didn’t understand “, he explains again.

“I don’t hold it against him, I think he had his reasons, but I didn’t complain about a penalty, that’s not true. What I complained to him about is “being insulted and called a ‘monkey’ for a penalty. It’s not the same thing. I will never complain about a penalty: the penalty is me who misses it.”

A problem for the France team? “No, we discussed whether or not I am a problem for selection. I never wanted to be a problem and I never want to be a problem for selection.”


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