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Galtier put things right with Sampaoli in the middle of a match, their exchange unveiled


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After a first clash stopped by the incidents that we know, Nice and OM were able to fight again this Wednesday evening in Troyes in a late Ligue 1 match. A match that ended in a draw that did not The two teams are not making much progress, well aware of the stakes of this match in the fight for the top of the table.

A palpable tension in particular materialized on the sidelines, where certain moments of agitation marked the meeting, especially during changes in the second half. Christophe Galtier, in a hot moment, decided to go and explain himself directly to Jorge Sampaoli by whispering a few words to him.

Galtier’s call for calm in Sampaoli

In a post-match press conference, Galtier revealed what he said to the Argentine. “It’s true that when there is no one, everyone has this ability to be heard while everyone is talking. Obviously, in a match, we never speak in a low voice. There were discussions aloud between the Marseille bench and the Nice bench. It didn’t go any further than that and I just asked Jorge to keep everyone calm. He couldn’t have any problems in the stands, there shouldn’t be any on the bench. It ended well, and that’s how it is. We always have a duty, and it is not always easy, to convey a very positive image, ”said the Nice coach after the match.

to summarize

The late match between Nice and OM allowed Christophe Galtier and Jorge Sampaoli to meet again, which gave rise to some stinging scenes. Indeed, the tension rose a few notches during the match between the benches.

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