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Giroud’s great regrets


Interviewed in the Football Ramble podcast, Olivier Giroud spoke of his two biggest career regrets.

At 35, Olivier Giroud is inevitably approaching the end of his professional career. At the very least, a player. The Milan striker, under contract until June 2023, has indeed already an idea of ​​what his future could be when he decides to hang up the crampons. “It’s too early to talk about it but I think I’ll stay in football, he confided in an interview with the podcast Ramble Football. I have been in this world for many years and I think I have gained some credit and accumulated experience that can help me. “

However, there is no question for the tricolor world champion to embrace a coaching career. “I am thinking of a role of sports director, youth manager or sports policy of a club. The role of coach is not for me. There is too much stress in this position, I have great respect for those who do. When I read Wenger’s book and noticed that his biggest regret was leaving his family behind ”, he explained, adding nevertheless: “One role that would be wonderful to play is that of forwards coach. ”

Retirement has not yet sounded, but Olivier Giroud nevertheless already has two major regrets. “My biggest regrets so far are the defeat in the Euro 2016 final and not having won the Premier League with Arsenal or Chelsea” , he explained, hoping to catch up with AC Milan: “Now we have to think about the next challenges and I have high hopes of winning another title with my current club.”

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