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Golden ball: the controversy continues


The second place of Robert Lewandowski is still going badly in the Bavarian ranks.

Leader of the Bundesliga with no less than six points ahead of the Borussia Dortmund, qualified for the knockout stages of the Champions League after a clear round during the group stage and spared by the draw, which gave him a double confrontation against Salzburg: everything seems to be laughing for the Bayern Munich. The Bavarian giant has not yet finished marooning. The made to the verdict of the Ballon d’Or.

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The coronation of Lionel Messi and the second place of Robert Lewandowski, yet the author of 65 goals in all competitions in 2021, were seen as a terrible injustice in Bavaria. And two weeks after the announcement of the results, the Bavarian leaders still have not digested the affront. Present in Turin for the presentation of the Golden Player, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has also repeated his incomprehension. “Lewandowski clearly deserved the Ballon d’Or because he had a great season. We were really surprised he didn’t win ”, he confided, consoling himself with this Golden Player trophy awarded by Tuttosport: “Now he is happy to receive at least the Tuttosport award. “

The Bavarian leader took the opportunity to repeat his happiness to count the Polish striker in his ranks: “Bayern are very happy with Lewandowski, he has always scored between 30 & 40 goals.” As for the first concerned, his reaction could be read between the lines like a criticism of the Ballon d’Or. “I’m happy to have been chosen as Golden Player. It is a reliable and objective judgment ”, he launched in duplex, hoping to make the pass of three in 2022 after winning the first trophy last year.

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