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Guendouzi talks about his past at PSG


Landed at Olympique de Marseille during the summer transfer window, Matteo Guendouzi returned to his stint at PSG.

If Kevin Gameiro and David Luiz have given up on joining theOlympic Marseille this summer because of their Parisian past, another former player of the PSG ignored his history to join the Marseille club. Trained in the Red and Blue, Matteo Guendouzi nonetheless signed at OM.

Asked in the columns of Onze Mondial, the former Lorient has justified this move to PSG. “Before signing for OM, I knew they were going to make a comment about my move to PSG. I was born in Poissy and I grew up in Saint-Germain-en-Laye. When you are a child, you take your license in the club in your city. And in my city, it was PSG. So I logically signed for PSG because it was the club in my city ”, he explained, taking care to add: “But today, I’m at OM, in the biggest French club, and I’m very happy. “

And the French midfielder assures him, it is not a mountain of the next shock between OM and PSG, October 24. “There, you tell me about the Classic, but I’m not looking forward to a particular game. Every week, I look forward to the weekend match “, he assured.

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