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Hakimi, the explanation behind his red card


The refereeing department unveiled the exchanges between the referees and the VAR during OM-PSG on Sunday. Instructive.

This will not make it possible to put an end to all the controversies, but microphones could be placed on the Ligue 1 referees in the coming months. The goal ? Hear the discussions between the referee and the players, as well as between the referee and the VAR.

We can get a glimpse of what it could be like with extracts from the OM-PSG meeting (0-0) revealed by the Technical Department of Arbitration (DTA), and relayed by RMC. We can hear the way in which the main decisions were taken, in particular on the three key actions where the VAR intervened.

For the two offside, it is quite clear. As after every goal, the action is watched by the VAR, and the decision falls quickly. For the Parisian goal, we can hear the assistant VAR speaking to Benoît Bastien while he checks the images of the CSC caused by Neymar: “Definition of the point of contact. We zoom in, we zoom in. The point is placed on the player’s foot. Shoulder. So he’s offside. It’s clear. “ Ditto for the Marseille goal, where this time it is Lirola who is offside.

“There is clearly a fault”

In the second half, this time it was an error by the main referee that was corrected. At real speed, Mr. Bastien did not see any faultAchraf Hakimi on Cengiz Under. “For me, he crumbles on contact. He falls and he picks up the ball ”, says Mr. Bastien. But in the VAR control room, the opinion is different: “ There is clearly a fault. For me, there is a fault. It’s clear “, indicates the video assistant, which detects “Contact at the level of the leg” and invites the head referee to watch the action on his pitchside control screen.

Benoît Bastien does so, and analyzes the images: ” Go ahead. Give me the wide shot. Actual speed. ” The fault is brought to light, as well as the fact that it was committed outside the box. No penalty, therefore, but a red card. What Mr. Bastien explains to Hakimi: “You are the last, you are on the outside”.

Each will always be able to judge differently the choice made by the referees of the match. But at least hearing their exchanges allows us to better understand the decision-making process.

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