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“It’s the way to share the fate and success of the people you love”


Before starting the interview, can you introduce yourself?

My name is Christophe Vattier, I am 49 years old, I am one of the co-founders of Manse Royaltiz. Manse is the name of the company and Royaltiz is the name of the platform. It is the first platform on which people can invest in talent as one would invest in companies.

Can you introduce Royaltiz?

Royaltiz is the way to share the fate and success of the people you love. For example, if someone believes in a soccer player and is convinced of his success, thanks to Royaltiz he can invest in him and if he succeeds, he will profit from this success. It’s a way of experiencing a little more intensely the performances of everyone’s favorite players.

I strongly believe in our formula inspired by social networks which is: “Buy is the new like”. I believe that the way to say “I love you”, “I appreciate you” or “I am a fan of you” to a personality is no longer to post, like a post or share a status, but no longer committing to its side (“Buy”).

For example, by “buying” a personality’s NFT, I would have access to exclusive content. There are different ways of doing “buy” and I think Royaltiz is the ultimate “buy” formula.

I invest directly in a person, I invest in his life, because I believe in him. It is a very strong message to say: “I believe in you”. If I put € 10 on you, it’s because I believe in you. One of the platform’s first talents told me: “Everyone around me has invested in me,” he was surprised and very proud. Because it’s a way of saying: “I like what you do”. He appreciated the gesture of his relatives.

How did this project get started ?

It was born from two reasons. The first is that I was often frustrated in my life to see people whom I found formidable in many fields (business, artistic or sports) by saying to myself: “He is a hit and I can’t take advantage of it” .

We’re all a bit of a talent scout, we all have our bets, we all have a keen eye. And concretely, we do nothing, because we have no way of making it happen. All of this frustrated me a lot. So I said to myself: “How do I do it? “. And I thought, “What if I could bet on him? Like that, if it works, I have a return! And if I’m wrong, too bad, I would have been bad, that’s life. “

There is a second reason which is more altruistic. The altruistic reason is that in today’s society, if people are born poor, unfortunately they remain poor. The social elevator is broken. They have difficulty accessing large schools, for example, they do not have access to the right codes, to the right networks, they do not have access to bank financing, etc. It is therefore more difficult for them to express their talent.

For example: if I am an athlete, I want to compete, I have the wallet barrier if I have to pay for my trips and my training. It is therefore very hard to find funding. Today there is a very strong divide in our society. At Royaltiz, we said to ourselves: “What if we set up a platform to invest in people? “

Investors can invest for example 5,000 euros which will allow talents to participate in its competition, to pay its trains and hotels. And all of this can change the lives of talents. For a talent, 5,000 euros is huge.

Royaltiz therefore makes it possible to help Talents to flourish. In this sense it is an individual and collective revolution, because if all the talents of the company manage to be expressed, the company is doing better. It is our building block in trying to improve everyone’s daily life.

Why did you bet on football?

To help everyone, the platform must first be known to users. That’s why we started with famous people. You could say to me: “You are nice, you want to help young people who have no means, but you start by promoting music and football stars. These people do not need help, they are already making a very good living. It’s true, but to help everyone we need power. If we had started with strangers, no one would talk about us. We would always be strangers and no one would discuss our platform.

We need power to put it to the benefit of everyone. So we did an analysis to see which are the circles in which the fans are very invested. It was concluded that it was necessary to aim for the worlds of passion. And two strong axes stood out: music and sport. Soccer is the number one sport. We said to ourselves: “If we want power and visibility, let’s bet on football and rap to start. “

You already work with Presnel Kimpembe, Moussa Diaby or even Thilo Kehrer. How did these players get involved in your project?

We were able to interact with some players live, we explained our approach to them and they joined. They said to themselves: “We are going to participate in a positive project”. For others, we spoke with intermediaries.

What did they like?

What pleased them is that our platform is in tune with the times. Everyone is talking about Token, everyone is talking about Crypto, everyone is talking about NFT. Messi is paid in token, what is Messi! Our Talents say to themselves: “If Messi does it, why not me? “. Today, in the world, many very powerful, very famous and very respectable people use these means. Everything diffuses naturally. It’s normal to participate in a fun and nice movement. It is a new way of relating and exchanging with its fans, more contemporary and more modern.

The players are more relaxed on the subject, they are more comfortable seeing the development. They are also careful and they are right. We therefore spend a lot of time reassuring, showing our seriousness, presenting the power of our partners and shareholders. We work very seriously on a daily basis. And they see it. All this helps to reassure the players. You should know that we have been exchanging for more than a year with the talents. A year ago, everyone was laughing at us. Today, we are listened to. It’s fun to be rated, fun to see how it works, fun to see what we are capable of doing, there is a playful dimension for them.

“We want to diversify the nature of talents, their notoriety, their youth, to help everyone. “

Big names will join your platform. What will they bring you?

More legitimacy and notoriety. By doing NFTs, Messi legitimized NFTs in sport. It was already done in the United States, but he brought his nobility to the NFT for sport in Europe. If players of this caliber join our platform, we will benefit from an effect of credibility and legitimacy. If the best players join Royaltiz, that will prove our seriousness and show that we need to be given attention.

How does your platform work? How can a fan register on Royaltiz?

Our operation is super simple. We want to convey the notion of “popular finance”, in the noble sense, in a positive way. Today, if you want to buy crypto, it is not easy if you are not, at least, an initiate. Suddenly, it turns people off.

Our first objective: it is that a community uninitiated in the techniques of finance can easily invest in their preferred Talents. Our watchword is simplicity. How to do ?

Users arrive on the platform, they have access to the list of available Talents. If they like a talent, they can click on it, view its course, and find out the price of its ROY. Then, it is possible to open a Wallet to finalize the purchase, like on a classic e-commerce site. We also go through the largest French Wallet provider called “Mangopay”.

For example, if a user wants to buy ten ROY at 5 euros from their favorite player, they will pay 50 euros. Once paid, they will have 10 ROY of their favorite player in their Wallet. It’s that simple.

Then, it is possible to see the evolution of the price of each Talent. If what a user bought 5 euros is now worth 7 euros, it is possible to resell it or keep it if you bet on an upward trend.

Everything is super simple. If a user decides to wait, every year he will receive a return.

What are the future prospects for Royaltiz?

Our challenges are to multiply ourselves, particularly in terms of the nature of the talents we offer. At the moment, our talents come from football and rap. Tomorrow, we will have entrepreneurs and athletes from other sports. Our first challenge is to open up to talents of different kinds. Everyone must find their way around.

The second issue is more territorial. Today, we are in France, and we want to open up to other countries: England, Italy, Spain, etc. The United States is a big issue for us because there are a lot of talent and buyers, it’s a big natural market.

The third challenge is to open up to young talents, this is our third challenge for 2022. We want to highlight strangers and recommend them by saying: “He has a great talent”. Maybe this talent will break through, it’s not sure, there are risks, we don’t guarantee success.

But for example, we can offer 50 young people in training centers who can explode. This will make it possible to offer visibility to promising young people, and above all a means of financing for them so that they develop!

We are in discussion with the largest sports financing company in France, it is the biggest sponsor of all sports in France. We discuss how we could rate all the athletes they sponsor. Since these are not major sports, these athletes do not earn millions. Suddenly, the simple fact of being quoted, of touching a few thousand euros can change their daily life and help them. In this specific case, I am talking about athletes who are Olympic Champions, World Champions, European Champions, they are not beginners! We want to diversify the nature of talents, their notoriety, their youth, to help everyone. And give to invest, according to everyone’s tastes, to everyone.

What’s the last word?

I am very proud that we are doing this from France. Finance, in general, is not very European. Let’s be clear, among the biggest global fintechs, few are based in Europe. We talk a lot about unicorns, but none are in Europe: they are either Chinese or American… I want to say: we don’t have to be ashamed in front of others. I am very proud to have done it from France because it is something that does not exist, for the moment, anywhere on the planet. Our functioning and our ways of doing things do not yet exist. I am very proud of this and I hope that I will not need to leave to grow or accelerate our development.

to summarize

Presented as a trading platform of a new kind, allowing to bet on its favorite talents or the stars of tomorrow, Royaltiz has just celebrated the official opening of its football category. For the occasion, Onze Mondial met the co-founder of Royaltiz, Christophe Vattier. Interview.

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