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Leonardo’s scathing reply to Real Madrid for Mbappé!


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While Kylian Mbappé opened hostilities on his future, Florentino Pérez quickly reacted this Monday at noon by opening the door to an arrival of the Parisian striker, discussions opened from January 1. An outing that Leonardo did not like at all. “This new exit is just in the continuity of a lack of respect towards the PSG and towards Kylian, besides. In the same week, a Real Madrid player (Karim Benzema), then Real Madrid coach (Carlo Ancelotti) and now Real Madrid president talk about Kylian as if he is already one of them. Florentino Perez had already spoken about Kylian to Madrid supporters during the week. I repeat: it is a lack of respect that cannot be tolerated. “

Leonardo is therefore clearly asking that things stop. “It has been going on for two years. I just remember that the transfer window is over, that a season is underway. There are matches and Real Madrid cannot continue to behave in this way. May it stop! Kylian is a Paris Saint-Germain player and the club fully understand that this relationship will last. “

to summarize

Leonardo, the sporting director of PSG, was quick to reply about Real Madrid’s interest in Kylian Mbappé, with strong words. The Parisian leader tackled the Spanish club, accusing it once again of lack of respect.

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