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Liga: Tebas still attacks Florentino Perez in the Superleague


The boss of La Liga does not budge on the Superleague project, which he considers harmful to the future of European football.

The tone is rising again between La Liga president Javier Tebas and Real Madrid president Florentino Perez. In open conflict for many weeks, the two men continue to criticize the decisions of the other, against a background of disagreement over the Superleague.

This time, it was Tebas who drew against the project to create an almost closed league that would replace the current Champions League. The La Liga boss has never hidden his opposition to such a project, and even explains that according to him, Florentino Perez would be “the only one to be convinced” that he can succeed, as he assured Cadena Cope.

As a reminder, three clubs have not officially withdrawn from the Superleague created last spring, angering UEFA. Real Madrid of course, but also Barça and Juventus, whom Tebas accuses of hiding behind the merengue club: “Neither Laporta nor Agnelli (respectively presidents of Barça and Juventus Turin) are [convaincus]”. For him, this Superleague has “No chance for a Super League to succeed”.

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Angry with Perez, Tebas doesn’t think their positions are reconcilable. “Peace with Florentino? I don’t know. Regarding our vision of professional football, it is impossible for us to understand each other because we have two very different visions”, he says.

“I have no doubt that if Florentino could, he would remove me from the presidency of La Liga. In institutional politics, Madrid make a mistake, and collect a lot of opponents. Florentino says of me that I am corrupt, he does. said everywhere. But not in public. “

Not sure that the passing of arms between the two men can stop anytime soon. “There are still three clubs involved in the Superleague, they are three castaways. Let them come to their destination with this precautionary measure. Without English teams, the Superleague cannot function. Without the Italians, except Juve, it cannot not walk. Now they want to see if there are monopoly situations at UEFA, well okay, but today it is impossible to build a competition like the Superleague “, had already decided Tebas last June. We cannot blame him for having changed his mind.


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