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Ligue 1, best European championship!


The victory on the mat towards the Stade Rennais allows France to take the lead in the UEFA rankings for the 2021-2022 season.

This is the good news of the day for French football. Already assured of his qualification for the knockout stages of the Europa League Conference, Stade Rennais was awarded the victory on the green carpet at Tottenham (0-3), a meeting that the Spurs could not play because of the Covid-19.

This success is not insignificant for France, since it allows Ligue 1 to pass at the top of the UEFA ranking for the 2021-2022 season. A success in the group stage earns 2 points, to be divided by the number of clubs competing for the country concerned. France’s UEFA index therefore drops to 14.416, just ahead of the Netherlands (14.200) and England (14.142).

The gap is widening with Portugal

This is the consequence of the (almost) full card achieved by the French clubs, since Lille, PSG, Lyon, Monaco and Rennes have passed the group stage of their competition (Champions League, Europa League and Europa League Conference), the Olympique de Marseille remaining on its side on the track by being transferred to the Europa League Conference. With France (6/6), only Spain (7/7) and the Netherlands (5/5) have no representatives or eliminated.

This fine performance allows France to consolidate its fifth place in the overall UEFA index, calculated over five years. At present, Ligue 1 is widening the gap on Portugal (56,081 against 50,049), largely thanks to the results of this season (14,416 against 9,583).

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