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Lucas Hernandez, big lies exposed


While the 2018 world champion narrowly avoided prison, Lucas Hernandez’s lawyer wanted to denounce the unfair treatment to which his client was subjected.

Lucas Hernandez can blow. Last week, the court in Madrid accepted his appeal on the eve of the day he was supposed to be taken into custody. As a reminder, the 2018 world champion had to serve a six-month prison sentence for not having respected the removal instructions with his partner, in 2017. But this version of the facts is not the right one, according to his lawyer.

“It seems surprising to me that it emerges that Lucas avoided jail because the title should be that the provincial court clearly overturned an unfair resolution against my client that involved his incarceration,” considers master Mauricio González in Marca. We have remained silent in the face of all comments, but the true information of the proceedings has not been addressed. “

His career could have been “destroyed”

The lawyer for the former Atlético player thus denounces two untruths. “The first lie is that Lucas did not serve the sentence imposed and it is false because his sentence of 31 days for the benefit of the community was served while collaborating with an association in 2017. This sentence is not recorded today ‘hui, this sentence is erased from his criminal record, he explains. The second lie is that Lucas Hernández has two convictions for domestic violence and it never happened. It was a specific incident that happened when he was 21, he personally matured and it didn’t happen again. “

Master Gonzalez regrets the fact that “Going through prison would have destroyed the professional career” of the player, when his sentence related to a marital incident with a person who is his current wife, Amelia de la Osa. “They live together, they have one child, she is pregnant with the second and has been her most unconditional support from the beginning and until now. “ In addition, Lucas Hernandez’s lawyer points out that the player has always been defended by the Bayern Munich, who continued to play him despite the pending proceedings.

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