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Manchester United dreams of Declan Rice


Manchester United dream of Declan Rice to turn the tables on their mixed start to the season.

The West Ham United player is arguably having the best start to the season of his career, scoring two goals and two assists in just nine appearances this year. All of this is a continuation of his journey to the Euro 2020 final last summer with England, where he was excellent as a double pivot alongside Kalvin Phillips.

And rumors abound that Manchester United have put in a £ 90million offer for the 22-year-old.

But, with another two and a half years on the East London contract, Rice will not be an easy man to dislodge.

United could continue the operation next summer, or even in January if an unlikely opportunity presents itself, Rice seems like a natural fit. He could be the leader of a young British core comprising players like Jadon Sancho and Mason Greenwood, while his quality on and off the ball would surely help bring in players like Scott McTominay.

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He would also respond to the lingering feeling that the United side cannot control games with their current midfielder.

Rice is also reportedly under the wing of Michael Carrick, one of the best midfielders in England history despite being abused by the national team, so he’s someone who could guide Rice in his evolution.


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