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Manchester United v Liverpool match summary, 24/10/2021, Premier League


Man United – Liverpool (0-5), Salah et Liverpool humilient Manchester United

The England derby, between MU and Liverpool, turned into a correction. The Reds have beaten their rivals at home.

Those who expected a clash of the titans between the two biggest clubs in England this Sunday were quickly disillusioned. There was no match at Old Trafford, more like a butcher shop. Unchained, the Liverpool Reds inflicted a historic defeat on their rivals. A clean and flawless 5-0!

It had been 85 years since LFC had scored five times on the lawn of its rival. This shows the importance of the performance achieved by the men of Jurgen Klopp. And this is as much due to the magnificent recital they offered, as to the shortcomings of the day displayed by the Red Devils.

Salah martyred the Red Devils

The Mancunians were scattered like a puzzle and their main executioner was Mohamed Salah. Building on his excellent start to the season, the Egyptian was irresistible during this game. Everything he touched turned to gold, and gave himself a bonus treble. The first for a Liverpool player in the Theater of Dreams.

He started his show at the 38th by converting a serve from Naby Keita. Ten minutes later, just before the referee whistled the break, he put it back with an uncontrolled recovery and flush with the post. In verve, he did not stop there. Coming back from the locker room, he planted a third, after exploiting a nice through pass from Jordan Henderson.

The suspense had quickly evaporated

On the scoreboard, it was 5-0 because before the Pharaoh found the net, the visitors had already escaped the mark. Naby Keita opened the scoring after just four minutes of play, beating David De Gea with a cross shot. A goal that followed a big opportunity missed by Bruno Fernandes on the other side of the field. The break was then provided by Diogo Jota, scorer on a close recovery and after a side service from Alexander-Arnold.

Completely disoriented, the Red Devils never managed to react and their coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer remained helpless in front of his bench. With a crestfallen face, but not as much as Sir Alex Ferguson’s in the stands. All the Mancunian people blamed the blow. A good part of the supporters have also chosen to shorten the suffering by leaving the stadium half an hour from the end.

Pogba went crazy

Paul Pogba didn’t stay until the end either. Incorporated at half-time, the Frenchman kicked off, committing a big tackle on Naby Keita when he was only on the lawn for a quarter of an hour of play (60th). Frustrated by the turn of events and also his own loss of the ball on the opposing 5th goal, the Frenchman made a nasty gesture which could only lead to a red. A fate that his teammate Cristiano Ronaldo could also have known at the end of the first period.

The cup was full for MU and the luck that the locals had at that time was to see their opponents slow down at that time. As if they had compassion for their victims. Despite this end of the game in freewheeling, the price was still colossal. The heaviest in the history of this poster.


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