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Maracineanu warns clubs after many incidents!


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Ligue 1 has seen many incidents in the stands since the start of this new season. Lately, the shock at the top between Olympique Lyonnais and Olympique de Marseille had to be interrupted after a few minutes following the bottle throw received by Dimitri Payet.

In reaction, a meeting was held between the clubs, the League and the State to discuss these problems. Roxane Maracineanu returned to the microphone of Prime Video on the content of the latter: ” The most important thing was to discuss. It was necessary to evoke this problem, because it was an electric shock. We brought together clubs and leagues to work on entry security, referee decision making and disciplinary rule review to be able to anticipate with things written in black and white to facilitate decisions. It is important that everyone is responsible. The clubs must hold their troops. We can live in the stadiums, we need the public, we have seen it during these months of confinement. We must mobilize everyone to give football back these letters of nobility. “

to summarize

Roxane Maracineanu spoke on the sidelines of the meeting between Lens and Angers to warn the clubs and call for the responsibility of everyone. Incidents have multiplied in Ligue 1 stadiums since the start of the season.

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