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Marquinhos points to a big problem


The Parisian captain lamented the lack of efficiency in the two surfaces of his team, beaten in Rennes this Sunday (2-0).

the PSG fell from a height. After having chained eight consecutive victories in Ligue 1, and dominated as a bonus Manchester City in the middle of the week, Lionel Messi and others fell on the lawn of Rennais Stadium, this Sunday, on the occasion of the 9th day of Ligue 1. The club of the capital has notably sinned by lack of efficiency, as raised Marks at the final whistle.

“We had several phases in the match. At the beginning, they had a lot of energy, they wanted to show that they were very present at home. We tried to hold on as much as possible on the first attacks. We were better then. We had a lot of chances, but we didn’t materialize ”, regretted the Brazilian defender at the microphone of Prime Video.

“If we are efficient behind and in front …”

And to continue: “After that, there are the two goals that we take in key moments. You have to be much more focused not to take these goals. Once led, you have to open more, try more. We did not have the efficiency. (…) The story of the match can be different if you are efficient behind and in front… It was lacking. The match may be different “. What does it matter for Rennes, the first club to bring down the Parisian ogre this season in L1.

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