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masked by the Mbappé show, Messi gets annoyed and critics are raining down!


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This Sunday evening, PSG delivered a performance as we have seen so many since the start of the season. The capital club won without convincing against Monaco (2-0), only carried by a Kylian Mbappé who maintains his habits of savior of the Parisian club. And which especially continues to put in the background the big difficulties of Lionel Messi.

Messi quickly left the pitch at the final whistle …

Except that the more the matches go by, the more it starts to show. The Brugge parenthesis where the Pulga had shown the best in the game did not last long and the critics are raining this Monday morning. “The Pulga must show another performance and assert himself as the real boss of this team,” loose the Parisian who credits him with a 4.5.

L’Equipe, for its part, drops the mark of 4 and believes that “the contrast with the impression of ease of Mbappé has something embarrassing”. An embarrassment visibly felt by Messi himself. The sports daily does not fail to note that its performance was obviously not to its liking. “Once the final whistle was given, the Argentinian quickly returned to the locker room”. Sign of his obvious frustration of the moment.

to summarize

During the victory between PSG and Monaco, Lionel Messi once again had a complicated evening. Fortunately, Kylian Mbappé took matters into his own hands. But the level of the Pulga raises more and more questions …

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