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Mauricio Pochettino after PSG’s first defeat in Rennes: “Bitter and disappointed”


Mauricio Pochettino, the Parisian coach, expressed his frustration after the unexpected defeat recorded on the Rennes pitch.

What analysis do you make of this first defeat? Do you regret having renewed an eleven almost identical to that of Manchester City?
Yes, maybe we didn’t start the match well, but after that we did 25-30 minutes of quality. Then, we conceded two blows that hurt psychologically on the last action of the first period and the first of the second. It was an open game and we struggled after that. And the more time spent in this match, the more the confidence of the team opposite grows and the frustration also for us.

Are you still convinced that it is possible to play with the four in front without creating significant imbalances?
I don’t think you can analyze against systems. Against Lyon or City there were other players and that is not what should condition the analysis. I also think we had the best 25-30 minutes of our season. And for that I’m happy.

What happened on the second goal?
I did not see the goal the second goal but we must not concede a goal on kick-off. It is everyone’s responsibility. A club like PSG cannot concede this kind of goal.

How do you explain Neymar’s difficulties in the game and athletically?
Like when we won against City, it was a collective question. I keep that we did 25-30 minutes of quality and we must be able to do this kind of performance over 90 minutes. We created a lot of situations and opportunities.

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How do you explain this inability to not extend your good period over 90 minutes? Is it a physical problem?
No, I do not think so. We had five days to recover, we had 25 minutes of very good quality and we conceded a goal in a high point for the team. And after the second goal, it’s a different game with a team that believes in themselves more and more. And emotionally the game is not the same.

Your team also failed as defensively and especially on the sides …
Beyond the feelings that we can have, we must do a more precise analysis and not only notice a failing sector but above all have a collective analysis.

But what is the dominant feeling with you? You’re angry ?
Yes a bit. No one likes to lose. Rennes did not deserve it but we are disappointed not to have been able to materialize our opportunities and this type of situation leaves us bitter and disappointed. Not just me, but the entire staff.


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