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Mbappé, 5 indiscretions on an aborted departure


While Kylian Mbappé returned to his desire to leave PSG last summer to join Real Madrid (and his mother also gave some details about her son’s agitated summer), we come back in 5 points on this long “Mbappé soap opera” which started a year ago.

🔴 Mbappé, a departure thought for a long time

Mbappé has been thinking about leaving for a year. Real Madrid executives have been in constant contact with the player for several months now. There was an informal meeting to define the contours of a future contract, in the event of a transfer accepted by PSG. He played the second half of the season with the idea of ​​leaving for Real Madrid during the summer. His will does not date from the end of July… But had he defined a strategy with Florentino Pérez? Has he been asked to express his willingness to leave in the press? What I understood is that he declared very late his desire to leave the club to the Parisian management. He returned from vacation after the Euro and then let it be known that he would not accept an extension. The leaders made him 2 proposals, not 5 or 6, but Mbappé was resistant to any idea of ​​prolonging.

🔴 He was asking for a project around him …

To possibly stay at PSG, Mbappé wanted a team built around him, that he be at the center of the project. The leaders fulfilled his wishes with a historic transfer window. No one could have predicted Messi’s arrival, but Mbappé now finds himself in the midst of a trio of stars. It is therefore complicated for a player of his ilk, with the ambition to be the star of the workforce and the future star of world football, to share the cake. Neymar takes care of the penalties, Messi shoots the free kicks today. These are goals that will escape the hunting table of a Mbappé thirsty for stats. This ultimately takes him away from the Golden Ball. He wants to explode the counters, as evidenced by the free kicks claimed in the France team. He wants to win everything, he wants to play the Games, he would have liked to live the adventure in Tokyo, and now sets himself the games of Paris 2024. Ambitious, self-centered, demanding with himself. His holy grail is the Ballon d’Or, and he believes he is late compared to Ronaldo and Messi. Cristiano Ronaldo said: “At 19, 20, I understood that football was about numbers, titles, records and goals.” Words that the Parisian could have said. Did he also want to recruit a little more French? We know, for example, that he is very close to certain French internationals. The Hispanic-sounding PSG locker room has posed some problems in the past.

🔴 The leaders have done a hell of a lot of pushing!

Parisian leaders tried everything, first through Leonardo, then through Nasser al-Khelaïfi. Since January, Leonardo has been visiting the Mbappé clan very regularly to discuss the extension. In vain. It did not work and, in May, the dialogue was broken between the sporting director and the player. Nasser then took over the case, guaranteeing Mbappé a central role in the project and with a consensus, that of extending the contract for two seasons to fix a departure in 2022. At that time, Mbappé did not know if there was an open door to a departure this summer or if its leaders were ready to accept a big offer from Florentino Pérez. Still, for this type of decision, only the Emir has the last word. However, like Leonardo, Nasser found no favorable outcome to this thorny issue, even going so far as to try to persuade the player’s entourage to sign. How can a young player refuse this golden bridge when so many other players would have accepted? Incomprehensible for Qatar, which very rarely receives such refusals. It was definitely no longer a question of money for Mbappé, who eagerly wanted to join Real and this, despite his convoluted statements which disoriented more than one.

🔴 When the Euro derails Mbappé

The elimination of the Euro influenced his desire not to stay at PSG and to leave for Real Madrid. His missed penalty with the France team was mentally very difficult to live with. He was deeply touched by the critics. He said to himself “I am hated”, “I am unloved”, “I am misunderstood”. There were tensions with players in the group of the France team, not just with Olivier Giroud. In the wake of his missed penalty, no teammate supported him on the field but some came to comfort him in the locker room. He was singled out by the media and the supporters, his only desire was to isolate himself, to breathe away from Paris and to reach a place where he would be fully appreciated. It was one episode too many. He has often been criticized for his chafouin side, he also asked himself: “what am I doing?” I’m sick of it ! Meanwhile, PSG leaders continued to urge him to extend, showing great confidence that the player had not changed his mind.

🔴 Parents involved behind the scenes

We have the impression that there are two stories in the press, with two clans disseminating information on two different channels and Paris Saint-Germain supporters are struggling to find their place. We do not know who is talking to some journalists. At the same time, Wilfrid and Fayza, who are separated, are very discreet. However, last spring, dad Mbappé had given his agreement in principle, during a meeting with Nasser at the Royal Monceau, for the extension of his son, before the player issued his veto. As his mother said, only Kylian decides. I don’t know if his mother has more influence on him, but she is also at the origin of charitable and associative initiatives and participates more or less in the various negotiations with well-defined requirements.

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