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Mbappé praises the cold Parisian realism and savor its exceptional form


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It is an obviously satisfied Mbappé who spoke after the match, in particular in view of the successful first period of his partners to ensure a quieter second act. “Paris made the difference in the first half too. We played three games this week, we killed the game in the first period. We could do more, but it was also up to them to come and get us. The pace went down, there was less quality but the most important thing was to win ”.

The Parisian striker then returned to his great form at the time, hoping to prolong this state of grace. “I like to play, I always like to be on the field, it is a pleasure to help my team, I hope to continue until the end of the calendar year”.

Before a few words for his former club Monaco, against whom he loves to score with 10 goals already against the club of the Principality. “It’s football, I have always said that I had an incredible time at this club. I grew up there but the page has been turned and I am very happy to play for PSG. “

to summarize

PSG striker Kylian Mbappé spoke at Prime Video after the victory against Monaco. After a great evening for the Parisian striker. The striker highlighted the realism of the Parisian players in the first period.

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