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Messi has a new darling, a nervous breakdown has tarnished the evening


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PSG offered themselves a rather convincing victory last night against Bruges (4-1) with in particular a mastery in the first period which augurs well for an interesting tomorrow for the club of the capital. Among the great satisfactions, Lionel Messi who in addition to his double showed a much more important influence in the game.

For Messi, Verratti yes, Wijnaldum no …

La Pulga seemed to finally merge into the Parisian collective, and not only for its agreement with Kylian Mbappé. Because as the Team noted on Tuesday, a promising duo with Marco Verratti is being formed. The two men exchanged no less than 39 balls during the match for a fairly obvious complicity in the development of the game.

A good starting point for Mauricio Pochettino? In any case a little more than the connection between Messi and Georginio Wijnaldum … The team does not fail to relay the irritation of the Pulga during the meeting about the technical difficulties displayed by the Dutchman, who “does not seem to speak the same football ”as Messi, author of some gestures of humor during the match …

to summarize

If Lionel Messi seems to weave a new privileged relationship with a PSG player, others are putting his patience to the test on the ground. In particular a certain Georginio Wijnaldum, who is not really Messi-compatible.

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