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Messi incompatible with Ligue 1, the club refuses to believe in the monumental flop!


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If Lionel Messi raised Monday evening a seventh Ballon d’Or, rarely has the Pulga aroused so much debate. Because the Argentine striker is going through a complicated period with PSG, where he is slow to display a level close to his legendary performance with Barça. His only goal in eight Ligue 1 games, which had not happened since 2005-06 in La Liga with Barça, sounds like a first disavowal.

But the Team of the day drives the point home in its edition of the day. Whether in shots on target (1.5 per game against 2.7 the season before at Barça), duels played (9.5 against 14.9) or attempted dribbles (3.8 against 7.8 ), everything indicates that Messi is in serious decline on our side of the Pyrenees. The daily highlights an unusual waste in its strikes and undoubtedly a physical deficit to explain these stammerings.

PSG advocates patience

But the strongest explanation, already advanced by Messi himself, is the difficulty in adapting to the physical dimension of Ligue 1. Faced with the rough defenders of the championship, Messi seems much less at ease and even worse. , he therefore flees duels. Enough to fear a fundamental incompatibility with Ligue 1 and therefore the specter of a huge flop? On the side of PSG, we refuse to resolve it. “Patience. It will be ready at the right time, everyone believes in it. The team is progressing, ”we respond to the Parisian when the question of Messi’s difficulties is put on the mat. A form of self-persuasion?

to summarize

For the moment, Lionel Messi’s debut in Ligue 1 is not really brilliant. What to suggest that Ligue 1 is not for him? Within the club, we refuse to panic by emphasizing the patience necessary to acclimatize.

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