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Messi is living a galley never seen since his debut at Barça!


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It must not have happened to him often when he arrived at Barca. In its edition of the day, the Team sanctions the very discreet performance of Messi against Nice with the score of 3. Difficult to imagine better in view of a meeting that Messi has generally gone through like a shadow, with an impact always very limited in the Parisian game.

Since his arrival at PSG, Messi has nevertheless regularly masked these difficulties with some statistical successes. His three goals in the Champions League or his three assists last weekend against ASSE saved the furniture. Yesterday evening, the Pulga remained silent, in the game and the stats.

A famine never seen for 16 years!

And this refers to an absolutely terrible observation relayed by Pokerstars Sports. Indeed, Lionel Messi remains stuck at one goal in eight games played this season in the league. Which is quite simply his lowest total since the 2005/06 season with Barça, in other words that of his real big regular debut for Barcelona after a few appearances the previous season. Never again, subsequently, Messi has known such a shortage in the league.

to summarize

Lionel Messi, the PSG striker just crowned with the Ballon d’Or, does not really succeed in convincing in Paris. New illustration last night against Nice with a performance that revives criticism of its adaptation.

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