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Messi struggles in Paris, a lead fault resurfaces


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The controversy has been raging since Sunday evening and Mauricio Pochettino crystallizes the critics. A Lionel Messi confined in a restrictive right-winger position does not really have the influence that one can expect from a six-fold Ballon d’Or on the game of PSG. What draw a first disappointment despite his goals in the Champions League.

Messi too shy to win?

Pochettino, by his tactical choices, is the obvious culprit, preferring to field Neymar in a number 10 position which he does not assume due to his limited state of form. But another reason perhaps explains the difficulties of the Pulga. Alain Giresse, a few days ago in the Team, already mentioned the fact that the character of Messi does not push him to assert himself in his new club.

A fault again mentioned this Tuesday morning in the columns of the Parisian. Even if the daily ensures that Leo Messi is “happy” at PSG, arriving in the locker room with “simplicity”, the daily also notes that Messi “blends into the background without claiming anything”. A shyness that he pays in the field. “This withdrawn temperament undoubtedly also explains his first timid steps. Should he impose himself more, even if it means forcing his nature? “. The question is asked.

to summarize

Lionel Messi arrived for two months now at PSG, but is slow to find a real influence in the game. Difficulties which may be explained by the erased character of the Argentinian who does not impose himself in the locker room.

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