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Milan regains power


Winners on Saturday night in Bologna (2-4), the Rossoneri find themselves at the top of Serie A, pending Sunday and the performance of Naples.

Obviously, the expulsion of Soumaoro after 20 minutes of play contributed to the designs of theAC Milan Saturday night in Bologna. The red card received by the former Lille defender was released while the Rossoneri were already leading in this meeting of the

Leao’s opening scoring, served by Ibrahimovic (0-1, 16th), was followed by the break signed Calabria (0-2, 35th). From there, the training task trained by Mihajlovic had become almost impossible. Almost indeed …

When we got back from the locker room, the scenario got carried away. Ibrahimovic’s csc (1-2, 49e) preceded Barrow’s surprise equalizer three minutes later (2-2, 52e). And Bologna found itself at nine, Soriano being in turn excluded (58e).

Giroud came into play two minutes later (60e) and Milan had to wait to finally get back in front. Bennacer scored the third goal (2-3, 84e) before turning into a decisive passer for Ibrahimovic put back in the right direction (2-4, 90e).

In the standings, the Lombards take power by overtaking the Napoli expected Sunday at the Olympic stadium to face AS Roma.

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