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Mohamed Bayo confesses and remains in custody!


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Trouble continues for Mohamed Bayo. The Guinean international has been in custody since Sunday after causing a car accident in downtown Clermont, leaving two injured. While he had fled on foot, the top scorer in Ligue 2 last year was arrested by a police patrol.

According to information from The team, the Clermont prosecutor’s office decided to extend the attacker’s custody. The latter did not stop at a traffic light. After being brought back to the police station, the blood alcohol test would have shown a result of 0.88 grams per liter of blood, as the daily specifies. The player would have attended a wedding on the night of Saturday to Sunday.

For their part, the two people in the car hit by Mohamed Bayo were prescribed total work interruptions of 10 to 12 days. The striker would have confessed after having initially denied and would have been “panicked”.

to summarize

Mohamed Bayo has been in custody since Sunday after causing a traffic accident. The player, positive for alcohol, admitted the facts before having initially denied, “seized of panic”.

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