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Müller a little more in the legend


On Wednesday, Thomas Müller scored his 50th goal in the Champions League, he is only the 10th player in history to achieve this performance.

Thomas Müller is a player apart. If for some, his style of play lacks elegance or finesse, he is nonetheless one of the best players in the world of football over the past 10 years. It must be said that playing more than 600 matches at Bayern Munich is not given to everyone.

On Wednesday, the number 25 of the Bavarian club still inscribed his name a little more in the legend of the club and even of the Champions League. By opening the score against the FC Barcelona in the 3-0 victory against the Catalans, the German international (110 caps, 42 goals) scored the 50th achievement of his career in the queen competition. It is also the Blaugrana club which is its favorite prey, since it has planted 8 buts against the former club Leo Messi.

He thus joins a very closed circle since there are only 10 to have achieved such a performance. In front of him, we find some of the greatest legends of football, enough to put a little more respect on his name, knowing that he is the only German in this private circle.

The ranking of the top scorers in the Champions League (qualifying rounds included):

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo (141 buts)
  2. Lionel Messi (125 goals)
  3. Robert Lewandowski (82 goals)
  4. Karim Benzema (76 goals)
  5. Raul (71 buts)
  6. Ruud Van Nistelrooy (60 goals)
  7. Andriy Shevchenko (59 buts)
  8. Thierry Henry (51 buts)
  9. Filippo Inzaghi (50 goals)
  10. Thomas Müller (50 buts)

At 32, the Bavarian attacking midfielder can still hope to gain a few places in this ranking, especially with Bayern still as impressive in the competition. In any case, the main interested party does not intend to stop there. “More than 50 goals in the Champions League is a big number. I still have some way to go, I don’t want to stop there ”, he said after the meeting.

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