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new twist for Juninho’s future at Les Gones!


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It was a daring confidence that has since had big repercussions. Juninho, OL’s sporting director, played fair on RMC on November 17. “I hope to finish the season well, and at the end, normally, it’s over. (…) I said three years. (…) At the end of the season, I will think carefully. But in my head, it was for three seasons, ”said the Brazilian leader at Rothen’s microphone ignites. Public doubts about his future in Lyon which had the effect of a bomb, especially as no one was aware within OL before his exit.

Juninho left in January?

Should this be related to the difficulties in Lyon for a few weeks? In today’s edition, L’Equipe evokes an intervention deemed “selfish” internally and which may have had an impact on the performance of Bruno Guimaraes or Lucas Paqueta, two Brazilians close to Juninho.

But above all, the daily underlines the difficulty now clear among the Gones to see the future with the Brazilian leader, to the point that an accelerated departure is looming. While the quest for a new sports director is already in the pipeline, the gone club could announce the departure of Juninho “in the days to come” in anticipation of the month of January!

to summarize

The big doubts expressed by Juninho about his future at OL could give rise to a final decision. The Team ensures that his departure could seriously accelerate. In the next few days, an announcement could even take place!

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