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Neymar explains his controversial remarks


Asked about the Red Bull site, Neymar returned to his statements about his discomfort.

“I think it will be my last World Cup. I don’t know if I still have enough spiritual strength to continue playing football. “ The comments made by Neymar in an interview with DAZN had the effect of a bomb, causing a real controversy, especially in Brazil. Statements to which the Brazilian returned during an interview published by Red Bull, one of his main sponsors.

“I said something, but people understood it differently. I said that, yes, it would be my last World Cup and that I wanted to negotiate it in the best possible way ”, he explained, adding: “I’m going to give my all to be 100% because it’s like I have a game the next day, I always approach it that way. If there is a game tomorrow, this game for me, it will be like the last of my life. So compared to the coming World Cup, I think exactly the same way, like it’s the last for me because I don’t know what can happen tomorrow. “

And the Parisian n ° 10 to add: “When I said that there was controversy, with people starting to say that I wanted to stop playing football and quit the national team. People understood it completely differently. I just wanted to say that I had this mentality like it was my last. Why ? Because you can never know how things are going to turn out. “

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