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Neymar’s clear warning on the Mercato XXL des Parisiens


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While he is going through a delicate start to the season, Neymar confided in length in an interview with the Youtube show Fui Clear. The opportunity to return to the support of PSG supporters, but also to respond to criticism of his lifestyle.

But Neymar, in comments relayed by CulturePSG, also mentioned the Mercato XXL of PSG. Of course, seeing all these stars arrive is a source of satisfaction for the Brazilian. “Yes, I think that PSG has strengthened very well during this transfer window, players with a lot of quality, and it is a great pleasure to have them in our team. And when you see what these players, who are big names, and have made history, have done, it is obvious that people think that PSG is one of the favorites to win everything ”.

Neymar insists on collective alchemy

However, the Brazilian refuses to get carried away, and does not hesitate to issue a clear warning on the importance of team cohesion so that PSG translates this XXL workforce into success. “I think other teams have also strengthened themselves very well. In the end, football happens on the pitch, no matter what names you line up, but yes we know our potential; but we have to play together, train together, work together, make the effort for each other. We have to get closer, “shut up” more (as a team) for all the good things to happen. We are at the start of the season, a lot will happen. We know each other better day by day, that’s important. But honestly, I think there is everything for us to have a great season and achieve our goals ”.

to summarize

Even if Neymar can only be delighted to have seen his PSG strengthen in a spectacular way, the Brazilian remains cautious about the chemistry to be found. Indeed, the Brazilian striker highlighted the importance of real collective work.

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