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OL-OM, not before 2022


While the Disciplinary Commission gave the Olympico interrupted on November 21 to replay, Lyonnais and Marseillais will certainly not make up for this delay before the end of the year.

After two weeks of investigation, the Disciplinary Commission decided the question of the fate of the flagship meeting of the 14e L1 day between Lyon and Marseille – a match interrupted from the 4e minute of play on November 21 at Groupama Stadium after the Marseille captain Dimitri Payet received a bottle on his head.

Beyond the one point penalty imposed on l’OL, the game is given to be replayed in its entirety, behind closed doors, and always at Groupama Stadium. However, there is no chance that the two teams will make up for this lost time by the end of the year. Not that there is no time slot available in the respective calendars of the two teams, but from the reception of the writings of the judgment pronounced Wednesday evening, the two clubs have an incompressible period of ten days to observe before making part of their decision in the face of the verdict.

A date to be fixed

In both cases – no one seems satisfied with the wording of the sentence – OL as loon reserve the right to appeal. The Competitions Commission will therefore not be able to meet before December 20 – to consider that the judgment will be well received by both parties by Friday – to set a new date for this Olympico. Probably, hopefully, before the scheduled return to the Vélodrome on 1is next May.

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