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Olivier Giroud talks about his relationship with Ibrahimovic at AC Milan


Landed during the summer at AC Milan, Giroud discovered the character Ibrahimovic but believes that the Swede does not have the same image in private.

Four goals in nine matches. The results of the beginning of Olivier Giroud’s adventure with AC Milan are more than satisfactory for the moment. After nine seasons in the Premier League, the French striker has perfectly acclimated to Serie A and his new club.

Within a young squad, Giroud and his 35 years old are also a veteran just like Zlatan Ibrahimovic. With a 40-year-old Swede and therefore the French international, there is experience on the front line of the AC Milan striker. It is not too much as the Lombard club are aiming for the title and are currently tied for second in the championship with Napoli.

If he hopes “to be able to win a title” with the Rossonerri, Olivier Giroud has been discovering the character that is Ibrahimovic for a few weeks. Braked by the injuries of the Swede, the attacking duo has never been established together but the French discover on a daily basis another facet of the former PSG.

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No joint tenure

“On a daily basis, things are going really well”, initially assured Giroud in an interview with beIN Sports, before detailing. “He’s someone who has a special way of communicating. We all know him, he’s like that. He takes up a lot of room in the locker room, he has a lot of experience, he is very well respected. little the boss at AC Milan. “

“He’s done great things here. He’s the leader in the team. It’s a pleasure to have him by his side. He’s a bancheur, it’s natural. Believe it or not (laugh), he’s a very normal person, with a lot of self-confidence. “

With only five games played, Ibrahimovic has yet to find the right fuel in this season. But the Swede and Giroud are keen to show that the grandpas are still resisting at the highest level.


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