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Olmeta’s crazy anecdote about Tapie and the Champions League trophy


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While Bernard Tapie died on Sunday, the former glory of OM pays homage to him unanimously, taking the opportunity to deliver some tasty anecdotes on their collaboration with the Boss. And in this area, Pascal Olmeta has done a lot. On the RMC antenna, the former OM goalkeeper revealed how he stole the Champions League trophy after the 1993 victory!

“Just a week before the 1993 Champions League final, I warmed up with him (Bernard Tapie), we were on the verge of getting our hands on it. I find myself replacing, and I have to leave the day before the final in the supporters’ plane. I didn’t even sleep in the same hotel as the other players. When we get back to Marseille, we celebrate, and the first player to have the cup is me. And I went to Corsica with it. A week later, Jean-Pierre Bernès calls me and says: “We should bring back the cup”. I say, “You know what? When I cash in my match bonus, I’ll bring the cup back.” And thanks to that, I touched her. Otherwise, I am sure that Mr. Tapie would not have paid it to me, ”said Olmeta with a smile.

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Pascal Olmeta, the former OM goalkeeper, told RMC a particularly tasty anecdote about the victory in the Champions League. The former Marseille porter admitted to having stolen the trophy for a week!

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