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Olympian gifts for a white … and blue Christmas for less than € 20!


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OM’s slippers

Credit Photo – AMAZON

Neither glass nor vair, this pair of slippers from the official Olympique de Marseille collection is the ideal partner for your football night at home! Warm and comfortable, these slippers are available in 10 sizes, from 37 to 46, so that everyone can find a slipper to their feet! To be placed near your bed before sleeping, they will make you start the day on the right foot!

OM’s personalized mug

Credit Photo – AMAZON

To continue your day on the right foot, what better way than to enjoy your morning beverage in your personalized mug ! No matter what you pour in it, coffee, tea or even pastis, you will feel re-energized. Also bring your artistic touch by choosing the interior color and that of the handle of your ceramic mug, as well as your favorite name. So let your imagination run wild!

OM’s personalized cushion

Credit Photo – AMAZON

Want to make your room less monotonous in these winter times? the custom pillow like your Marseille club can bring a little cheerfulness to your interior! White and blue, it will go perfectly with your wallpaper, we have no doubts. So to spend nights in Olympian calm, in the arms of Morpheus, this cousin will be the perfect ally!

OM’s 3D lamp

Credit Photo – AMAZON

Remember the rings that changed color depending on your mood? We offer the same thing, this time, in a luminaire version! This 3D lamp shaped like a soccer ball, can change colors up to seven times! From blue to green, via purple, you will see all the colors! Easy to use, a simple touch allows you to switch from one color to another to create the atmosphere of your choice! This lamp therefore only asks to be highlighted …

OM’s soccer ball

Credit Photo – AMAZON

Let’s get straight to the point, this is the ultimate accessory for the Marseillais supporter! Every self-respecting football fan should have his own ballon. So if you can’t shoot at the Vélodrome, you can perfect your technical skills, small bridge, roulette, dribbling or even shooting on target, with the balloon around and blue from your favorite team!

In summary

If you claim to be a big supporter of OM and you are fond of small goodies and products bearing the effigy of the Marseille club, then you will be able to treat yourself for the end of year celebrations!

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