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OM denounces “a parody of justice”


Even before the verdict of the Disciplinary Commission, OM, through its communications manager Jacques Cardoze, denounces an illegitimate assembly.

LOON does not digest. Not invited to the ultimate debate on the fate of the OL-OM match interrupted on November 21 after the attack on the Marseille captain Dimitri Payet, the Marseille club is indignant this Wednesday evening in front of the headquarters of the Professional Football League, through the voice of its communications manager Jacques Cardoze. ” We did not receive any summons, recalls the latter, obviously angry. We consider that this Disciplinary Commission is illegitimate, that it is a travesty of justice! »

« The facts we are talking about are extremely serious, never a match had been stopped at the 4e minute of play, and now one of the two parties is not even invited to speak and bring up the contradiction, continues the former journalist. Do you know of a court of justice in the world, civil or sporting, which summons the responsible and not the victim, which gives more weight to the word of the responsible than that of the victim? What worries us and motivates us today, and which you should know, is that in the summary report which arrived in the possession of the Lyonnais last Friday – and only yesterday afternoon for the Marseillais – we made disappear many things. Curiously…. Dimitri Payet’s state of health is contained in four short lines. In a 12 page report! »

“We do not recognize this Disciplinary Commission”

For Jacques Cardoze, the maneuver is clear on the part of the Gones. « The Lyonnais tried to minimize the events; there is no mention of the absence of a net behind the Lyonnais goal, nor of the absence of movable nets … We have the feeling from reading this report that we have almost forgotten that there had been mistakes and security issues. And then we minimized the state of health of Dimitri Payet. All this is a shame for French football, today we do not recognize this Disciplinary Commission! »

And to conclude: ” President Longoria was today in a hotel in Paris, waiting for the Commission to convene him. I was with President Longoria a few minutes ago, in the hope that the word of Marseille would be heard, this is with what contempt this disciplinary commission has decided to treat the president of the most popular club in France! […] We are used for commercial reasons and we are left at the door when it comes to discipline and justice. It’s intolerable ! We obviously cannot accept this. We will not accept that this Disciplinary Commission gives more weight to one rather than the other when our player, Dimitri Payet, was a victim. This means that the word of the victimized players weighs less than that of those responsible. »

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