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Payet, a flight-like penalty


The Rémois had a hard time digesting the penalty awarded to Dimitri Payet in the last moments of the meeting. “We’re getting robbed a bit,” lamented Captain Yunis Abdelhamid.

The disappointment was the final whistle in the ranks of Reims. The Champenois could however be satisfied with the point of the draw obtained in the lair of theOlympic Marseille. The scenario of the meeting did not leave less big regrets to the men of Oscar Garcia. Because after opening the brand at the start of the last quarter of an hour by Hugo Ekitike, the Reims stadium was joined in additional time on a contentious penalty awarded and converted by Dimitri Payet.

“I have not seen the images again, but when we are hot, we get stolen a bit, thus reacted Yunis Abdelhamid, the captain of the Stade de Reims, at the microphone of Prime Video at the end of the meeting. Andrew is in the duel at the head, he only looks at the ball, he does not look at Payet. It’s complicated to be fooled by an error like that. “

Payet also blames the referee

Because the referee’s explanations clearly did not convince the Moroccan international. “The ref tells me that Payet gets a kick from Andrew. But Andrew is really playing the ball so to kick Payet was a bit tricky. In any case it is involuntary, he does not see it, he only looks at the ball ”, he explained, adding: “At the moment it’s really a mixed feeling. We have the impression of having been robbed. ”

And the former Dijon native was not the only one to blame the referee. His coach, Oscar Garcia, also had it bad. “The last decision of the referee deprives us of the victory, he said. If you have the personality to whistle for Marseille, you must have it to whistle for the other side. “ A reference to a duel between Duje Caleta Car and Hugo Ekitike.

Note that Mr. Letexier was unanimous against him or almost. Dimitri Payet had indeed also things to reproach the referee of the meeting. To believe the Reunion, his way of leading the debates would have a lot in the exclusion of Bemba Dieng, guilty of a bad gesture at the end of the match. “The game was rather calm and we have the impression that certain bad decisions or the times when the referee does not speak to us correctly… we get angry and we get annoyed and suddenly it gets out of hand. Unfortunately, it falls on Bamba but we are not going to blame him because at that age, we sometimes make this kind of gesture, he confided. It will serve as his experience. We don’t blame him for that. If it had been me, it would have been more serious because I have bottles. Sometimes the matches degenerate and we have nothing to do with it. We are in the game and when we lose, it does not help. “

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