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PSG: Messi exiled on the right, a “bizarre” choice according to Giuly


The former PSG player does not understand the eccentric positioning of Lionel Messi, the Argentinian being a player who likes to evolve in the heart of the game.

Author of 3 goals in the Champions League with Paris Saint-Germain since his arrival in the capital, Lionel Messi is still waiting to open his counter in Ligue 1. Arrived as a legend during the month of August, the former FC star Barcelona have struggled to flaunt their incredible talent in recent weeks. It could not be more screaming Sunday night, against Olympique Marseille (0-0). A match during which the Argentinian, exiled on the right side, never knew how to weigh. Obviously problematic …

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Since this draw in the Marseille city, many are the comments, not to say critical, which point the finger at the positioning of the Pulga. Lionel Messi is a player who likes to touch the leather, dictate the tempo to his partners and organize the game in his own way. But in Paris, he has to be content with too few balloons to exist. This is in any case the opinion of Thierry Henry, his former partner at FC Barcelona, ​​who had not hidden his incomprehension in the face of the choices of Mauricio Pochettino.

“On the right it’s complicated, you have to have the canes”

“I see him isolated there, I am not saying that he is sad, but he is isolated, he touches the ball less and Hakimi passes less because he (Messi) stays high, sidelined, without coming in. I prefer when he is in line, but I am not the coach. There is only one conductor, otherwise you will not play at the same tempo. The problem is that there is a lot of conductors in this team and you can’t play at the same tempo. He (Messi) needs to set the tempo “, he had explained to the microphone of Amazon Prime.

An analysis shared by Ludovic Giuly, former partner of Lionel Messi in Catalonia and passed by Paris Saint-Germain at the end of his career. “It’s true that seeing him on the right side is a bit weird, he would do a lot more good in the axis. But it’s a choice of coach and team balance. Me, I I would rather see him behind the attackers, in the heart of the game, as was the case at the end with Barcelona. Today, on the right, it’s complicated, you have to have the canes, come back … Leo, so that he is more explosive, you have to use his vision of the game and his paw. But the coach has four great players in front and wants to use them “, regretted the French, in the columns of the Parisian. Brain teaser.


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