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PSG: Neymar and 2022, understanding Marco Verratti


After hinting that he could retire internationally following the 2022 World Cup, Neymar received the support of Marco Verratti.

“I think 2022 will be my last World Cup. I don’t know if I still have enough spiritual strength to continue playing football.” These words are those of Neymar, pronounced on the occasion of a rich interview granted to DAZN recently. Words that had, of course, created controversy.

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For some, this reflected above all the lack of envy of Neymar in the face of the professional world. For others, a lack of respect towards the Seleção and his club, PSG, with whom he had just extended until… 2026. But Neymar was fortunately able to find support from his teammates.

“I understand because I do not suffer a tenth of what he saw”

And in particular Marco Verratti. “I understand because I do not suffer a tenth of what he lives, said the Italian European champion at the microphone of Prime Video. Everyone says: ‘You are normal people, you have to be behave like normal people ‘, but… “

“But when you behave like normal people, people say, ‘No, you are a footballer, you can’t behave like a normal person.’ With footballers, that’s always it. Outside, everyone thinks: ‘They have the money, they play football …’ But it is also a job in the end. always a game “, recalled the Italian, whose words will undoubtedly touch Neymar.


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