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Real Madrid: Bale’s injury more severe than expected?


Gareth Bale has been revealed to be suffering from a “major hamstring tear”.

Gareth Bale has been on the sidelines at Real Madrid since the international break in early September. The Welsh striker has been revealed to be suffering from a “major hamstring tear”.

The Santiago Bernabeu boarding club had not clarified the severity of the 32-year-old striker’s injury, but Wales coach Robert Page lifted the veil.

He won’t be able to count on his attendance for the 2022 World Cup qualifiers in October, but he is hopeful that Bale will be back and vying for a 100th cape by the time another international hiatus occurs in November. .

Asked about Bale’s form, Page told reporters: “You rank the hamstring injuries from one to four, and his is closer to four, so it’s a pretty big tear.

“We have been in contact with him and our medical department to see how he is progressing. Unfortunately, this camp has come too early for him.

“Originally, the injury could have lasted until camp in November, but luckily he is recovering better than expected.

“We are pretty sure it will be ready for the month of November.”

Forced stays on the sidelines are nothing new for Bale, with frequent setbacks hampering his progress in recent seasons.

Muscle aches have proved difficult to avoid at times, and the crooked shots have caught up with a player who has always relied on his physical qualities to stand out from the crowd.


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