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Real Madrid: Vinicius returns to racist cries


Vinicius was the victim of racist insults at Camp Nou during the Clasico. He evokes this episode.

In the win over Elche, Vinicius Junior was decisive, scoring both goals for his first appearance since being the victim of racist slurs at Camp Nou during the Clasico.

His last outing was in Barcelona, ​​where a fan was caught on camera racistically cursing the Brazilian as he left the pitch as a substitute.

“I think they deserve severe punishment, so they don’t do it again,” Vinicius replied when asked about the incident. “At the time, I decided not to say anything because I was focused on the game.”

The striker has notably improved his stats this season, scoring nine goals in all competitions in just 14 games this season, up from six out of 47 last season.

“The pressure was too great, I had never seen so much on such a young player,” he reflected.

“I don’t know why, maybe because I was very expensive. The club and the coaches knew my qualities and knew that over time I would gain experience and confidence.

“I’ve always been low-key, I didn’t pay attention to what they said. I don’t think I’m the best in the world now either. I only listen to the people at the club and those around me.”

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Many have pointed to Carlo Ancelotti as a potential factor in this change in his form.

“He always asks me to stay focused, sometimes I lose him and he reminds me constantly,” said Vinicius. “Against the Shakhtar, when I did something he didn’t like, he said to me: ‘If you give again like that, I’ll take you out'”.

His brace on Saturday is his third brace of the season, and his first La Liga goal since September 19.


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