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realistic, Gabon spoils the dream of the Comoros


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The Comoros, little Thumbelina of this CAN, failed to achieve their dominance on Monday against Gabon, and took a lesson in realism (1-0) against Panthers who join Morocco at the top of Group C.

Sometimes envy and good intentions are not enough. The Comoros learned it the hard way, Monday, January 10, in their first Group C match de la CAN-2022. More incisive, they lacked realism, leaving the victory to Gabon (1-0).

On the other hand, this victory should appear like an air bubble for Gabon, stuck in the extra sporting difficulties between cases of pedophilia in its federation, national championship at a standstill, case of Covid-19 for the stars Aubameyang and Lemina and finally, a strike of the players because of a history of bonuses.

Without complexes despite their status as little Thumb of this CAN-2022, the Comoros take control of the match from the whistle. They settle in the Gabonese camp and are quick to get their first opportunities. Gabonese goalkeeper Amonone misses his exit on a corner but M’changama cannot take his chance in an empty goal (12e).

Lesson in realism

But for their discovery of the final phase of the CAN, the Comoros quickly take a lesson in realism. On their first opportunity, Gabon opened the scoring. Auchanga serves Boupendza in depth. The striker of the Turkish championship, in a closed angle, finds the right window of Ahamada (16e, 1-0).

The Coelacanths were not discouraged and set out again to assault. Helped by the hazardous exits of Amonone, they repeatedly failed to open the scoring. Despite the good intentions, they are struggling to find their two points: Ben Fardou and M’changama.

Opposite, Gabon seems to be relying on the “kick-and-rush”: large balls in front in the hope of picking up speed in the Comorian defense. The Panthers also pay their training strike: they fall like flies and spend long minutes on the ground, too fair physically.

In the second half, the Comoros insist and siege the Gabonese goal. However, they are exposed to counters, like the one initiated by the inevitable Boupendza, finally signaled offside (53e).

Exciting end of the game

The Greens push and Mattoir is hit in the area by Poko. Despite protests from the Comoros, the referee does not judge that there is a penalty. The VAR did not intervene in this contentious situation, which could have been fatal to Amir Abdou’s men since Gabon failed to surprise them on the ensuing counter (58e).

A recovery of Mohamed Youssouf misses the target (62e), a long shot from Djoumoi is hardly repelled by Amonome while Gabon misses the break when Bouanga is stopped by Ali Ahamada (73e).

Despite some desperate attempts, like this distant lobe of Ben Fardou, the Comoros must admit defeat. Gabon join Morocco, earlier winners of Ghana, at the top of Group C. For the Comoros, the quest for a first victory in the tournament is now likely to prove complicated: on paper, the Panthers were the team. the most within reach.

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