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return to prison for Ronaldinho?


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Ronaldinho has problems with Brazilian justice. The former Paris Saint-Germain player is summoned to pay his debt to Priscilla Coelho. This is his ex-fiancée. According to information from Diario do Nordeste, and Extra, the former striker has not given any news since November 11. The football star has until December 1 to pay the money to his ex-wife. If he doesn’t, the Brazilian could well return to prison. He had already stayed there for a month for the use of a false passport.

“If he wants to annul this decision, he must enter the main proceedings. This is what granted this interim support. Now it’s either pay or pay, ”Priscilla Coelho’s lawyer said. Time is running out for Ronaldinho.

to summarize

Ronaldinho has problems with the law. The Brazilian must pay the pension to his ex-fiancée. If this is not done before December 1, the former attacker could take a walk through the prison space.

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