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Romeyer, LFP … Saint-Etienne supporters settle their accounts with banners!


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This Wednesday evening, ASSE welcomes Nantes with a Geoffroy-Guichard stadium which took the opportunity to send a few messages. At the start of the match, Roland Romeyer was first targeted. “Wednesday 9 pm: only morons are hot boiling”, slammed a banner referring to the unpleasant words of the president of Saint-Etienne recently …

Then, later in the evening, it was the LFP that was targeted while the Nantes supporters were unable to make the trip to the Forez. “No to collective restrictions. Support for Nantes groups, defenders of our freedoms, ”slammed a second banner.

to summarize

The supporters of ASSE have obviously decided to settle their accounts with the leaders of the club but also with the LFP this Wednesday evening. On the sidelines of the match against Nantes, the Saint-Etienne fans deployed clear messages in the stands.

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