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Rothen completely slaughters Neymar!


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These are statements that are likely to make people talk. Jérôme Rothen, former PSG player, and now consultant for RMC Sport, literally smashed Neymar and his current level of play in an interview with the Parisian: “Has Neymar become an ordinary player? What is certain is that today you don’t have to have played at the top level to realize that Neymar is not decisive, that he is less impactful, less creative, even less altruistic. At all levels, he’s lower than what he did in his best times at the club and his last big game is starting to date. So, unfortunately, yes, it has become a burden for the collective rather than a solution. Because this player stays apart and normally it is an additional asset“he started.

Rothen would not have extended Neymar for so long!

He even indicated that the native of Mogi das Cruzes was becoming a burden for Mauricio Pochettino: “However, there it even becomes a problem for the coach. Because Neymar you don’t manage him like any player. Some wonder if Pochettino can rule it out. But luckily he can do it! But since it is a particular human management, like Mbappé, Messi and even Di Maria, the choice must not be easy. Because the risk is to lose it once and for all“.

The former Bastia player would even like the Brazilian to go for a walk on the bench: “When he is at this level, you can ask yourself the question of why Pochettino insists on systematically putting him in? Perhaps a passage on the bench and an entry during the game could boost it. Afterwards, during the match, what I do not understand is that Pochettino insists on leaving him while, at times, it is screaming that he is below. So even when he’s not good for an hour, he still has his privileges“.

Finally, Rothen questioned the decision of the Parisian leaders to have extended their number 10 for so long: “You have the right to have a less good period. But above all, do not show it to the whole world, via social networks, your evenings after your non-matches or what you do at incredible hours. It is terrible for the image of the club. And especially for him. This means that the questioning, he has trouble doing it. Should PSG extend it? The debate is bound to be on the table. I think it’s real bullshit to have extended it for so long. This contract extension was the easiest to obtain. I hope Leonardo doesn’t take it as a success. For me, it’s just the opposite. Again, you can extend it. But in this case, you have to ask him for a change of state of mind. Has there been a change since the extension in May? Not at all ! In fact you have the impression that the club is satisfied to have Neymar at this price, 50% of the time in the field. While the older he gets, the longer it will take him to get back to his best physical condition each time he is injured. It’s problematic anyway“he said.

As a reminder, Neymar extended his contract with the club in the capital last May until 2025.

to summarize

While making a very complicated start to the season with PSG, Neymar has drawn the wrath of Jérôme Rothen. The former Parisian believes that Mauricio Pochettino should put him on the bench while he finds that Paris made a mistake by extending him.

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