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Saint-Etienne, Pierre Ménès smashes the supporters


The incidents which marked the meeting between Saint-Etienne and Angers on Friday had the gift of knocking Pierre Ménès off his hinges.

Led 2-0 by Angers Friday evening, at the opening of the 11th day of Ligue 1, theAS Saint-Etienne managed to pick up the score in the very last minutes (2-2), despite a deleterious climate in the spans of Geoffroy-Guichard.

Indeed, the supporters of the Greens had decided to show their fed up at the entrance of the players by throwing smoke on the lawn, piercing the goal nets, which caused the delay of the kick-off. of one hour. A sequence that was not at all to the liking of Pierre Ménès, who harshly attacked the troublemakers on his new site Pierrot Le Foot.

“The filthy bullshit of the Stéphanois supporters”

“This Saint-Étienne-Angers almost never took place because of the filthy bullshit of the Stéphanois supporters who flooded the lawn with smoke to the point of burning it in several places and especially setting fire to the protective net,” he lamented. In short, the match started an hour late and we can assume that the disciplinary committee will sanction the Stéphanois stadium, probably with one or more behind closed doors. How to shoot yourself in the foot in ten lessons… ”

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