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Sampaoli ignites for Gerson, the fortune spent finally justified?


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It is a very satisfied Jorge Sampaoli who returned to the victory of his training against Nantes (1-0). OM has generally mastered its subject in the game, which was not really the case lately, enough to reassure the Marseille technician.

Sampaoli has indeed displayed his joy at the collective performance of his men. “It fills me with joy to see this version of OM again, it’s the version we like, it’s the version we build. It made me happy to see this game. We try to put it in place for each match ”.

Gerson finally convincing in Nantes!

But the big satisfaction of the match undoubtedly comes from Gerson, the Marseille midfielder, in great difficulty since his booming arrival against more than 20 million this summer. Convincing in the game, decisive scorer, is Gerson finally starting to justify the enormous investment of OM? Sampaoli firmly believes in it. “This is exactly the version of Gerson that we want to see. He was rather carried towards the attack, he managed to get into the opponent’s area. He also collected balls and was very active. That’s why we bet on him, ”concluded the Marseille coach.

to summarize

The short victory of OM on the lawn of Nantes last night (1-0) especially allowed to find a powerful Gerson. A rarity this season. Sampaoli therefore had all the more reason to rejoice at the end of the meeting.

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