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Sergio Ramos’ strong message on the rest of his career in Paris


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At 35, Sergio Ramos is still far from thinking about his retirement. If he has chained physical glitches since his transfer from Real Madrid to Paris Saint-Germain this summer, the Spain international was able to return to Mauricio Pochettino’s group for Manchester City on Wednesday, and could well make his first appearance against ASSE this Sunday in Ligue 1. Linked with the club of the capital until June 2023, he confided to the microphone of Amazon on his ambitions for the future, and that should give a smile to the supporters!

“The most important thing is that the head holds”

“I hope to reach my best level. I think I can continue to play for another 4 or 5 years. The most important thing is that the head holds, because these are still many years. I hope not anymore. have physical problems, “he said at the microphone ofAmazon prime. By then, he would reach 40 years old! Real workhorse, and still physically ready to chain the challenges, can the Spaniard reach this symbolic bar?

to summarize

Sergi Ramos, the defender of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), still wants to continue for four or five years with the Parisians at the highest level, up to 40 years. He explains that he has the motivation to reach this bar.

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