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Sexual Abuse: Evra’s Poignant Testimony


Present on the BFMTV set for the release of his autobiography, Patrice Evra spoke at length about the sexual assaults he suffered while in college.

In the middle of a media tour on the occasion of the release of his autobiography I Love this game, Patrice Evra opens up without pretense. Whether it is to regret the too smooth side of Kylian Mbappé, to reveal that his controversial video after the elimination of PSG against Manchester United was a response to a minister present behind him at the Parc des Princes or to slip a tackle to Lilian Thuram. But the former tricolor international also plays fair when discussing the sexual abuse he suffered in his youth.

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Invited on set by BFMTV, the native of Dakar indeed delivered a moving testimony on the ordeal that his principal of the college made him live, with whom he went to sleep three nights a week to avoid the journeys which forced him to get up. “at 5 a.m.”. “Every night was a nightmare, a fight,” he confided, referring to the consequences of this trauma on his life as a man: “Margaux (his wife) was very important because she succeeded in sweeping away this toxic masculinity. My father’s upbringing was ‘if you cry, it’s a sign of weakness’. I erased all my emotions. Even sometimes, when I was winning trophies, I pretended to be happy because I had blocked out all my emotions and I couldn’t communicate with anyone.”

We’re ashamed of ourselves, we don’t want to talk about it

The trauma was such that he preferred to cover up the actions of this principal, years later, in front of the police. “We’re ashamed of ourselves, we don’t want to talk about it, he explained. From that point on, when I hung up the phone, I grew up with that weight my whole life. When people said to me, ‘Pat, you’re a good guy’, I felt like a coward because I had abandoned several children, several people who had been in the same situation. Once I spoke in front of 800 people in England and a woman burst into tears saying to me: ‘At 9 years old, I was raped by my brother and I never told my father or my my mother’. I give hope to a lot of people.”

Hope more than courage, according to him. “It’s easy to say ‘we have to talk’. You have to be ready. When people tell me ‘bravo for your courage’, no, it’s not a question of courage, he still assured. Just because these people don’t speak doesn’t mean they’re not courageous. It’s so difficult that we are so ashamed and we want to bury him. “

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