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Sexual assault at the FFF, the scandal resumes


A former employee of the “3F” had filed a complaint against the financial director Marc Varin for “sexual assault” and “sexual harassment”. Justice had closed the plain without further action, but the Paris industrial tribunal condemned the federation to a fine.

The story of an employee of the French Football Federation, in The team, in November 2020, was edifying. Raphaëlle (the first name had been changed by the newspaper) recounted having been forcibly embraced by her hierarchical superior, Marc Varin, the financial director of the “3F”, on two occasions, after an end-of-year meal in 2017 but above all during a nightclub party in Moscow during the 2018 World Cup after France-Denmark.

The young woman had alerted the Director General of the FFF, Florence Hardouin, who conducted her internal investigation, and lodged a complaint for “ sexual assault ” and “ sexual harassment “. The Paris prosecutor’s office then investigated, questioning Marc Varin, who confessed only to “ thoughts on clothing “Raphaëlle, before dismissing the complaint, considering that the facts denounced were” insufficiently characterized ».

Did Le Graët want to cover up the affair?

On the other hand, the labor inspectors considered “ that at least one of the two forced kiss attempts denounced is also corroborated by two witnesses and could, on its own, be characterized as sexual assault “. Thereby, The team announced on Friday that the Paris Labor Court decided to order the FFF to pay 10,000 euros in damages for acts of ” sexual harassment »On a former employee.

In any case, this decision again puts the federation in an embarrassment. If Hardouin, who had some of her directors in the sights for their behavior during the Russian World Cup, was determined to act, she only sent a call to order to her financial director. Behind the scenes, we did not understand this lack of severity and, according to The team, « Noël Le Graët was not in favor of it anyway. », The president having decided to settle the matter on the sly.

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