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Suspected corruption at Barça?


Ferran Reverter, the general manager of FC Barcelona, ​​made embarrassing confessions on Wednesday at a press conference.

Of course, the words of the day made by Ferran Reverter, the general manager of the Barça, are dependent exclusively for the previous direction, that of President Bartomeu who resigned on October 27, 2020. During his reign, the latter led the Catalan club to the edge of the precipice, one step away from bankruptcy. ” In March 2021, we were in an accounting bankruptcy situation, recalls the current number two of the institution blaugrana. If the club had been a sporting limited company, this would have been grounds for dissolution … »

Miraculously, and with the help of new creditors, Barça is still standing today. In particular by having lowered its payroll from 759 million to 155 million euros per year. ” When they recruited players, no one thought about whether we could pay them, Reverter blows about the previous management team. The same night we recruited Griezmann, they realized that there was no money to sign him, and they had to ask for money from another fund … »At the time, 85 million euros were borrowed late from an investment fund to complete the arrival ofAntoine Griezmann, plus a loan of 35 million euros contracted with a bank. With the sporting result that we know.

Journalists paid by the club

Certainly even more serious, Ferran Reverter clearly implies that FC Barcelona would have paid into corruption, or at least what approaches it, via particularly heavy commissions for the benefit of more or less recognized intermediaries during transfers. Of 5% on average, these commissions would sometimes have represented 30% of the cost of the transaction. The Catalan DG also assures to have found ” invoices showing that the club board and the penas confederation (the association of different groups of Barça supporters, editor’s note) paid journalists. »

This presumably to obtain media favors and discredit President Bartomeu’s possible competitors. In 2020, a real Barçagate had exploded to highlight the dubious practices of the former club boss, who then used a digital communication company to denigrate his opponents through fake accounts created on social networks in particular. The current president, Joan Laporta, was targeted, as were influential Blaugrana personalities such as Xavi Hernandez, Pep Guardiola and Carles Puyol. Even the contemporaries of the time, Lionel Messi Where Gerard Piqué.

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